Last Day!

I am writing this from the past,  September 3rd to be exact.  I wanted to put a marker on the calendar that I am posting to the donation page.  I started this crowd fundraiser on the 31 of August and to keep my word to myself and others, I did not finish posting the final video to the page until midnight!  I look at that video and see how tired I am but it had to get done because I keep my promises! 

Some of my thoughts as I sit here knowing that this will be posted on October 14th, the last day of the crowdFunder, are about how to make this fundraiser successful.  It got off to a much slower start then I expected but I am actively working on reaching out to family and friends to build a foundation to motivate others to donate to this cause. I know money is tight for a lot of people but I feel like I have given enough of a spread in the dollar amounts that everyone should be able to give something. At least that was my hope when creating the various Perks.  In any case only time will tell, I will continue to work hard to reach as many people as possible with a giving heart and a common interest in comics.

I will say that I am really enjoying reaching out to various communities and individuals who share my enthusiasm.  I have never really entrenched myself in this world and really engaged people on this level.  If I take anything away from this experience it will be knowing that it is the people that inspire me to continue following my goals.  It is interesting how just have a common interest will allow people, strangers, to open up and allow you into their world.

So Ill leave it at that, this little time capsule to be opened on October 14 with a few thoughts and no foresight what so ever.  To those of you that have contributed by this date the past me wants to thank the future you!


Art Sanchez