Day Three

September 3 - It's the official third day of the fundraiser for www.FOURCORNERSCOMICS.COM.  So far, I have had a few people contribute and even though the numbers are not where I expected, seeing these individuals take that first step to contribute means the world to me.  I can't help but feel grateful because I know that with their donation also comes their belief in me and my goals of opening this comic book store. They know my dedication and drive to achieve this goal and that drives me to continue to move forward.  

Why should you contribute?

This is a question that I am sure each of you are asking. Why should I give my hard earned money to this guy who wants to open a comic book store? Well... this is how I see it.  I know the feeling of walking into a comic book store, be it a familiar location or a place I have never been to before. It is exciting and it brings me to a place that many of you can understand.  I am excited to see what treasures lay waiting inside. Sometimes, a conversation is going on where I can contribute and people want to hear what my point of view is - my opinion matters. 

As a kid, I remember looking forward to the next book to a favorite series or waiting for the next issue to know what happens to Tony Stark or Bruce Wane.  Building a connection to the characters in the pages of these comic books led to an appreciation of the art involved to create the words and images that captured my imagination.

These experiences that occur beyond the glass doors of a store are what I want to share with others.  I have that passion for collecting comics and related goods. I was that kid that was filled with wonder when I walked into a comic book store and it meant so much when my brother gave me that first book that ignited my imagination.

You can be a part of this experience too!  Your contribution will help to get FOURCORNERS COMICS open and running so others can have an opportunity to experience these things I have experienced and still experience - that many of you experience! A comic book store with a focus of the the creative side of comic books... the words and the pictures that work together to make a story that may one day inspire others to create their own story.


Please take the time to visit