Ok...I know a lot of you have been following me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter (yes, I have been actively working all of these at the same time!) - THANK YOU! 

I am sure many of you are wondering exactly what is this FOURCORNERS COMICS thing and why am I getting asked to join or follow? Well... for the past few months I have been working to get all of the legal documents ready to try my hand at opening a comic book store. 

I honestly understand why so many people do not complete their dreams. There have been a lot of road blocks. It all comes down to dedication. Am I willing to take this idea and do the work until the day when I officially open for business? I am still working through that process, but I finally see things coming together. I'm getting excited about welcoming people into my store.

I find it to be interesting that if you are actively seeking to attain something, many doors open - as if the universe is saying, "Yes! You are on the right path!"  I know that seems corny, but it is proving to be true.  

Let me get back to FOURCORNERS COMICS and what it has to do with you?  Many of you have read my previous blogs and know about my desire to open a comic book store. Simply said, I am asking for help.

Tomorrow - August 31st -  I will begin an online FundRazr and I hope each and every one of you will contribute to my cause.  At first, I was just going to ask for donations and offer thank yous, but I want to up the ante. To show my appreciation to anyone who contributes, I'm offering a number of "Perks" including signed comics, custom made masks and capes for kids, store discounts and more.

If you believe at all in my vision for what a comic book store could be...please consider a donation. Details about where and how to contribute will be up tomorrow.

Get ready...FOURCORNERS is about to LAUNCH!