Spreading The Word

Today I reached out to my contacts, friends and family to inform them of my intention to open a comic book store.  The message read,

"In the next month or so I am launching a crowd funding campaign to help me open a comic books store in Gettysburg, PA.  Please review it and if possible donate!!  Most of all, please spread the word".

I can not express how I felt once everyone started to reply.  Messages of encouragement and statements letting me know that they would have my back.  I am not a super social person. I don't have a ton of friends, but the ones I do have, I consider to be family.  I hope they all know that!! Many of my friends I have known from the military, a few from high school and to say that they were supportive is an understatement!! Now more than ever, I need my friends and family.  Having put my intentions into a physical message, sent out to damn near everyone I know put the responsibility back in me to follow through and make this thing happen!

 I want to thank my old friends and my family for supporting me. A special thank you to my new friends who have found a reason to contribute to my cause. You will all always be welcome in my store!!!