FOURCORNERS and a lifetime of passion for the arts

A proper introduction seems like the right place to start.  I'm Art Sanchez - a 37 year old ex-Navy Corpsman with a passion for comic books and art . For years, I dreamed of a career as a comic book artist. So, I went to art school and completed a Graphic Design degree.

Four Corners

As a comic book fan I have been to A LOT of comic book stores. Every one of these stores is unique - and I do have my favorites - but something about each of them was missing. It's like I was on a treasure hunt searching the four corners of the earth for the perfect comic book store and I couldn't find it. A few years ago, the idea of opening my own store planted in my mind. I thought about what this store could be and how I could make it stand out from all the others.

My Vision

So, I'm opening a comic book store.  A real, physical location to turn my dream into a reality. The store will have all the normal selections of a comic book store, but will focus on the creative side of comics. I envision a creative art center where various individuals can meet with artists and writers who have found success and would share their experiences. A place to pull up a stool and draw, take a class, or pick up supplies.  A place where I can express my creativity by creating unique comic themed arts and crafts.