Fall Fest Parade OCTOBER 27th

On October 27 FOURCORNERS COMICS will have a limited opening to participate in the Gettysburg Fall Festival Parade.  We are still working on getting things set up at the store but we will be handing out kid size comics!  

Visit us at                                                       42 Baltimore St Gettysburg Pa 17325

limited hours for this event will be 5pm to 9pm


 Happy Halloween! 👻 

Happy Halloween! 👻 

Day Three

September 3 - It's the official third day of the fundraiser for www.FOURCORNERSCOMICS.COM.  So far, I have had a few people contribute and even though the numbers are not where I expected, seeing these individuals take that first step to contribute means the world to me.  I can't help but feel grateful because I know that with their donation also comes their belief in me and my goals of opening this comic book store. They know my dedication and drive to achieve this goal and that drives me to continue to move forward.  

Why should you contribute?

This is a question that I am sure each of you are asking. Why should I give my hard earned money to this guy who wants to open a comic book store? Well... this is how I see it.  I know the feeling of walking into a comic book store, be it a familiar location or a place I have never been to before. It is exciting and it brings me to a place that many of you can understand.  I am excited to see what treasures lay waiting inside. Sometimes, a conversation is going on where I can contribute and people want to hear what my point of view is - my opinion matters. 

As a kid, I remember looking forward to the next book to a favorite series or waiting for the next issue to know what happens to Tony Stark or Bruce Wane.  Building a connection to the characters in the pages of these comic books led to an appreciation of the art involved to create the words and images that captured my imagination.

These experiences that occur beyond the glass doors of a store are what I want to share with others.  I have that passion for collecting comics and related goods. I was that kid that was filled with wonder when I walked into a comic book store and it meant so much when my brother gave me that first book that ignited my imagination.

You can be a part of this experience too!  Your contribution will help to get FOURCORNERS COMICS open and running so others can have an opportunity to experience these things I have experienced and still experience - that many of you experience! A comic book store with a focus of the the creative side of comic books... the words and the pictures that work together to make a story that may one day inspire others to create their own story.


Please take the time to visit www.fundrazr.com/campaigns/8zqI6



Ok...I know a lot of you have been following me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter (yes, I have been actively working all of these at the same time!) - THANK YOU! 

I am sure many of you are wondering exactly what is this FOURCORNERS COMICS thing and why am I getting asked to join or follow? Well... for the past few months I have been working to get all of the legal documents ready to try my hand at opening a comic book store. 

I honestly understand why so many people do not complete their dreams. There have been a lot of road blocks. It all comes down to dedication. Am I willing to take this idea and do the work until the day when I officially open for business? I am still working through that process, but I finally see things coming together. I'm getting excited about welcoming people into my store.

I find it to be interesting that if you are actively seeking to attain something, many doors open - as if the universe is saying, "Yes! You are on the right path!"  I know that seems corny, but it is proving to be true.  

Let me get back to FOURCORNERS COMICS and what it has to do with you?  Many of you have read my previous blogs and know about my desire to open a comic book store. Simply said, I am asking for help.

Tomorrow - August 31st -  I will begin an online FundRazr and I hope each and every one of you will contribute to my cause.  At first, I was just going to ask for donations and offer thank yous, but I want to up the ante. To show my appreciation to anyone who contributes, I'm offering a number of "Perks" including signed comics, custom made masks and capes for kids, store discounts and more.

If you believe at all in my vision for what a comic book store could be...please consider a donation. Details about where and how to contribute will be up tomorrow.

Get ready...FOURCORNERS is about to LAUNCH!

FOURCORNERS and a lifetime of passion for the arts

A proper introduction seems like the right place to start.  I'm Art Sanchez - a 37 year old ex-Navy Corpsman with a passion for comic books and art . For years, I dreamed of a career as a comic book artist. So, I went to art school and completed a Graphic Design degree.

Four Corners

As a comic book fan I have been to A LOT of comic book stores. Every one of these stores is unique - and I do have my favorites - but something about each of them was missing. It's like I was on a treasure hunt searching the four corners of the earth for the perfect comic book store and I couldn't find it. A few years ago, the idea of opening my own store planted in my mind. I thought about what this store could be and how I could make it stand out from all the others.

My Vision

So, I'm opening a comic book store.  A real, physical location to turn my dream into a reality. The store will have all the normal selections of a comic book store, but will focus on the creative side of comics. I envision a creative art center where various individuals can meet with artists and writers who have found success and would share their experiences. A place to pull up a stool and draw, take a class, or pick up supplies.  A place where I can express my creativity by creating unique comic themed arts and crafts.



Day One

Please disregard the title of this blog...this is by far NOT day one! However, it is the beginning of my opportunity to share with you my experiences as I move forward with my long time goal of opening a comic book store.

Not a Comic Book Store?

I don't really like to call it a comic book store.   To me, it is so much more than that. Don't get me wrong, I love comic book stores and those of you who have the same passion for collecting as I do understand exactly what I mean!! After all, I am a nerd, a geek, a fan - all of the above!! I have collected (along with comics) a vast knowledge of comic books and the many different universes and characters for a long time. I have been to many different comic book stores and each time I'm like a child on Christmas - I become filled with excitement and anticipation for what lay beyond those glass doors.  So, please do not think that I have a bad impression of what a comic book store is. When my store becomes successful, if it is still called a comic book store, I would be more than proud.

You may be asking, but what is beyond those glass doors?  What makes my store, my idea any different than all the other amazing book stores around the world?   

A Story of Passion

I have a friend who knows nothing about comic books. As a matter of fact, he didn't see Star Wars (the original 1977 release) until he was in his 30s.  He came from humble beginnings and we met while we were in the Navy at its east coast flagship hospital National Naval Medical Center (It's since been changed to  Walter Reed National Military Medical Center). 

My friend was not a scholar in high school. In fact, his high school performance would not have led to a high school diploma in any other state (we both were students of the California educational system).  Somehow, he graduated and joined the Navy, became a Corpsman (or Medic as it is more commonly known) and that was it!  Medicine excited him!  He started to work on his basic science and math requirements as he worked as a Scrub Tech.  He eventually decided to go to Physician Assistant school and even after that major accomplishment he knew he wanted to achieve more.  At 34 years old, he made the decision to go to Medical School and become a doctor.  A DOCTOR!  I think by now it's obvious that I have a lot of respect for this guy, he truly is an inspiration for me and I think that in life we all need to find an inspiration!

I met up with my friend recently and in the course of catching up we got on the topic of education.  There are some who complete a medical program to become a surgeon and become financially wealthy. Even though they do make insane money, my friend once again inspired me. He said that medicine is about giving back, it's about teaching others to be the best caregivers they can be.  There will always be the ones that came before and taught others to become the best they could be and these surgeons taught the next generation.

The Inspiration

If you're still with me, I want to thank you. Honestly I don't really like talking a lot, so expressing myself in verbal or written form is not the easiest for me.  The responsibility of a doctor is to teach.  That resonated with me and as I thought about it, I could not help but to think about my situation.  I am not going to help anyone save a life or create a cure for some disease - believe me, I am not that egocentric!

What will set my Comic Book store apart will be my desire to teach others to go after their desires and passions.  I will create a learning environment for those interested in the creation of art and comic books.  Artist and writers in the industry will be invited to my location to not only sign books and kiss babies, but give lectures and advice and TEACH.  Inspire the future artists and writers - maybe even the future surgeons - to chase after what inspires them, to be the best at what they do.